TA Mentoring

I teach a large-enrollment lower-division class, UWP 011: Popular Science and Technology Writing, that has TAs to help with grading and to lead discussion sections.

Since I created the class in 2011, I have taught it ten times, and have worked with 18 TAs.

For some graduate students, being a TA in UWP 011 is their first experience teaching writing. I provide training and quarter-long mentoring to each one. Some return to TA the class for two or three years, and sometimes our mentoring relationship continues beyond the end of their TAships.

Here is a list of TAs (whose names are a matter of public record), grouped by area:


  • Jessica Stokes, Performance Studies
  • Tori White, Comparative Literature

Education & Social Sciences

  • Tara Porter, Education
  • Vanessa Segundo, Education
  • Manuel Senna, Linguistics
  • Lina Yamashita, Education


  • Lauren Camp, Ecology
  • Lauren Fink, Neuroscience
  • Johnny Jaber, Public Health
  • Chantelise Pells, Geography
  • Amanda Poulsen, Aquatic Toxicology
  • Clark Richter, Plant Sciences
  • Paulina Rojas Rojas, Community and Regional Development
  • Jessica Schlarbaum, Avian Science
  • Alex Shakouri, Computer Science
  • Watumesa Tan, Microbiology
  • Ania Truszczynski, Population Biology
  • Sean Wilson, Chemistry