This page describes grants on which I was PI or co-PI, and other grants that provided me with support.

PI or Co-PI

2016-2017. Seed Grant, UC Davis Feminist Research Institute.

2016-2017. Ideas that Matter, Sappi North America.

  • Amount: $18,825
  • My role: Co-PI with Susan Verba
  • Goal: Developed “The Pain Project: A Toolkit for Shared Decision-Making” (described here)

2014-2017. Interdisciplinary Frontiers in Humanities and Arts (now the Big Ideas initiative), UC Davis Office of Research.

  • Amount: $400,000
  • My Role: Co-PI with Susan Verba
  • Goal: Created a Center for Design in the Public Interest at UC Davis focused on the collective redesign of everyday things in order to create accessible, people-centered design outcomes both for and with a diverse cross-section of the public.
  • Details about my role as a founding co-director of the center are available on my Leadership page.

2011-2012. Undergraduate Instruction Improvement Grant, UC Davis Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

  • Amount: $7,990
  • My Role: Co-PI with Rebekka Andersen
  • Goal: Did outreach and research to create writing instruction materials to support Writing Across the Curriculum. Materials were specifically intended to help faculty across campus successfully meet the then-new requirements for General Education Writing Experience (WE) courses.
  • Details about my work on the Writing Across the Curriculum team are on my WAC page.

Supported By

2018. Herrenhausen conference, “Lost in the Maze? Navigating Evidence and Ethics in Translational Neuroscience.” Funding from the Volkswagen Foundation.

  • My travel expenses to and in Hannover, Germany, and my conference registration were covered.
  • Goal: Served as a panel moderation and a discussion group leader at the conference.

2015-2016. University of California North Bioethics Collaboratory ($298,289 total). University of California Office of the President‘s Multi-Campus Research Program.

  • I was awarded summer salary in 2015 and 2016.
  • Goal: Participated in interdisciplinary research on bioethics, working with faculty at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UCSF. The UC Davis faculty have gone on to found the Ethics Commons.

2013-2014 and 2014-2015. Small Grant in Aid of Research ($2,000/year). UC Davis Committee on Research.

  • Goal: Did research for an article (now under review) on the causes of and potential remedies to confusion about the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) broader impacts criterion.

2013. Interdisciplinary Writing Group ($500). Davis Humanities Institute.

  • Goal: Arranged and participated in writing retreats at Bodega Marine Laboratories for an interdisciplinary writing group of female associate professors.

2013. Interdisciplinary Reading Group ($300). Davis Humanities Institute.

  • Goal: Read and held discussions about interdisciplinary science studies.

2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Small Grants in Aid of Research ($1,800 and $2,000). UC Davis Committee on Research.